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Maureen Wild & Elvira Clare


The Sacred Universe all Around & Within
- A Contemplative Retreat that Connects Nature with Our True Nature

three-day to seven-day retreat





Maureen Wild, SC & James Profit, SJ

James Profit died Jan 11th 2014



Shaped by rural and coastal regions of Canada, and coming with varied and rich backgrounds in farming, theological and ecological education, Maureen Wild, SC, and James Profit, SJ, offered complimentary gifts in the reflection on spiritual ecology themes. Timely, informative, mind-expanding and enjoyable, these were retreats or programs for all who love our precious Earth Community, sought her protection and well-being and wished to explore an ecologically enlightened and engaged Christian faith.

Here are some retreats and programs that we offered:

A Spirituality of Earth Healing - Within a Christian Context
five-day to seven-day retreat or program

Greening Spirit: Cultivating a Christian Spiritual Ecology
silent guided retreat

Reflections on Ecological Christianity & New Cosmology
three-day conference


Past Programs Co-Guided by
Maureen Wild & Margaret MacIntyre

  • Presentations on Cosmic Spirituality
  • Sacred Ecology Lenten Reflections

A Lenten Mission:

Cosmic Pilgrim – Christian Pilgrim
Cosmology, Ecology & Christianity Evolving


The Sacred Universe all Around & Within
- A Contemplative Retreat that Connects Nature with Our True Nature
(three-day to seven-day retreat) co-guided by Maureen Wild and Elvira Clare

Maureen and Elvira enjoy working together and they offer unique and complementary gifts for a very enriching contemplative retreat. It invites participants to ‘bring the ordinary into sacred awareness.’ In our minds we often separate the sacred from the ordinary – an illusion really. What would it be like to live more consciously and contemplatively the reality that sacredness resides within everything?

With others, and in solitude, come and connect with ordinary moments. Enter each moment – whatever form it takes - and be present and open to sacred encounter. In harmony with the cycle of the day and its movement of energy, this retreat offers silence, outdoor experiences alone and together, gentle body prayer among the trees and songbirds, walking, sitting and eating meditations, contemplative forms of chanting and song. As well, daily reflections from each teacher will weave the ‘scriptures’ of our cosmic, earth and human story (perspectives of our ‘outer nature’) with the ‘scriptures’ of the human heart (our ‘inner nature’). This dance of the inner and outer may inform and encourage the deepening of a contemplative spirituality for our time. As we consciously bring awareness to the sacred in all, we embrace our deep love for the world as well as all our sorrows and woundedness. From this place we choose, within each moment, to live deeply out of gratitude and celebration for Life – the ‘cosmic liturgy’ within which we move and live and have our being.

[Note: 'Scriptures' refers to those not scripted by human hand, but 'written metaphorically' as sacred revelations within the ongoing evolutionary processes of creation and within the deepest stirrings of the human heart.]

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A Spirituality of Earth Healing - Within a Christian Context
(five-day to seven-day retreat or program) co-guided by Maureen Wild and James Profit

Themes included:

• Mysticism of Earth and Cosmos
• Healing our Discontinuity with Creation - Coming Home to Oneness
• Mysticism of Earth - God of the Outdoors
• In Healing Ways – Walking with God in an Evolutionary Universe
• From Ecological Sin to the Passion of Earth and Resilience of Life
• The Healing Ways of Cosmic Christ Consciousness Within Us
• Practicing Resurrection – A Spirituality of Hope in Peril
• Like the Flowers - Releasing Our Passion for the Next Energy Revolution
• Earth Wisdom and Life Disciplines for Spiritual and Ecological Homecoming
• Communion with Earth

Affirmation of this Program:

“The Colloquium for 'A Spirituality of Earth Healing - Within a Christian Framework' touched into my "farm girl" soul. It was, in retrospect, a deep experience of "home-coming." Finely tuned, sensitively paced days gently led me to an ever deeper experience of gratitude and wonder at the merging of my own spiritual roots and the story of the universe as viewed by science. Jim and Maureen led us to a deeper integration of science and the sacred. There is something new for me as I keep coming back to the fundamental human questions: Who are we? What is our role in the cosmic realm? Where are we going? Maureen and Jim shared spiritual and ecological insight and encouraged us to reflect upon and share the implications for economics, politics, education and ethics. It was a call to see with new eyes.” Gertrude Sopracolle, OSU, St. Albert, AB


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Greening Spirit: Cultivating a Christian Spiritual Ecology
(silent guided retreat) co-guided by Maureen Wild and James Profit

Within a cosmological and ecological context, this retreat fosters an experience of God present and working in creation. It looks at the person of Jesus with new eyes. Jesus experiences nature as a place to pray and a source of grace. How now can we open up his parables and many other metaphors? We will reflect on Christ's passion in our time, as it also relates to our earth home in peril. Can we hear the passion of Christ in the cry of Earth? How are we being called to “practice resurrection” with a spirit of hope? In an ecological way, we will explore gospel-rooted values of the “Commons” and the Christian virtues, the Metanoia, compassion, healing, and peace. All these themes are opened up in a contemplative and holistic mind-body-heart-spirit approach.

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Reflections on Ecological Christianity & New Cosmology
Where is Jesus anyway?
co-guided by Maureen Wild and James Profit

The new cosmology calls us to re-examine what it means to be Christian in relationship to all creation. The story of Jesus is an integral part of the story of the cosmos and Earth. Jesus - like all of us - emerges out of the same creative processes, pervasive energy and holy mystery that birthed the stars in the sky. He shared the same evolving sensibilities that course through our own thoughts, imaginations, and hearts’ desires that call forth the deepest dimension of what it means to be human. Jesus experienced nature as a source of grace and a place of prayer.

The co-presenters will help us reflect on this understanding of Jesus. They will reflect on his nature mysticism as evident in Jesus’ repeated choice of nature’s metaphors in his teachings. Attuned to the signs of our particular time of planetary awareness, and conscious we live within a sacred universe, what might be our experience of ‘Christ presence’ in the world today?

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A Lenten Mission:

Cosmic Pilgrim – Christian Pilgrim
Cosmology, Ecology & Christianity Evolving
co-guided by Maureen Wild and Margaret MacIntyre

Lenten Reflection Themes:

1. The Christian Choice for Ecological Justice
2. Christ’s Passion – Earth’s Passion
3. Hope – Practicing Resurrection ... Nurturing an Ecologically Aware & Responsive Christianity

The signs of our times invite us to experience light in the midst of darkness and the birth of deeper Christ consciousness within us. Our human role and our Christian purpose in the world are ever on the advent of something new – new growth, new shoots from the old. We are always being called to evolve and deepen our Christian identity in light of new understandings. The story of our sacred universe, and of our Earth with the current unravelling of the intricate web of life, and our particular cultural story being written in our time, calls Christians to new depths of truth and wisdom, inner healing and outward compassion for all of creation. It is a deep psychic time for the human – a time of breaking the old patterns within us as we reach for ‘the life that longs for itself’ from within. Christ’s message takes on ever deeper meaning for us now:
“I have come that they may have life, and may have it more abundantly." (Jn 10:10)

Come to this special Lenten time of reflection on our sacred Christian mysteries of life, death and resurrection – which are also etched into the memory of Earth and cosmos. Meet God in the silence of your heart and the stillness and wisdom of creation, and in Jesus who experienced nature as a source of grace. Explore how we can follow Jesus’ contemplative spirit and disposition of heart to walk humbly, act justly and love tenderly within the family of all creation.

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Mysticism of Sacred Earth & Cosmos

This retreat offers contemplative pathways into nurturing our mystic relationship with Earth and cosmic community, and invites conscious evolving into new ways of being and acting in the world.

We are an integral part of an awesome story of intimate relationship and kinship with the whole of reality. Creative energy and holy mystery continues to birth the stars in the sky, shape the mountains and valleys, tug at the waves of the sea, and work through our minds, hearts, imaginations to call forth the deepest dimension of what is means to be human. It is holy fire – and a sacred story. Co-presenters will draw from the wisdom of Earth and cosmos, the nature mysticism of Jesus, and inspiration from Christian, Sufi and contemporary nature mystics. Outdoors and indoors, through encounters with nature, contemplation, rest, silence, prayer, story, poetry, gentle sacred circle dance, and more, this retreat invites your mystic self to celebrate our great and wonderful oneness.

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Elvira Clare has lived as a contemplative for many years and is a resident of the interfaith Forest of Peace Community on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. She is a former nun of the Vedanta tradition and is an ordained Interfaith Minister. Elvira is a singer/songwriter whose songs inspire the heart. Her songs are descriptive of the spiritual journey and reflect the meeting point of music and the contemplative experience. Elvira facilitates workshops and retreats, combining her music with talks on contemplative prayer, meditation and eco-spirituality. She also helps design Ritual and Music Programs for conferences and retreats.






James Profit (1956-2014) was a Jesuit priest trained in agriculture (B.Sc.Agr.), rural sociology (M.A.) and theology (M.Div., STM). He was the executive director of the Ignatius Jesuit Centre in Guelph, Ontario, and the founder of the Ecology Project. Jim led retreats and workshops on everything from agriculture to climate change to the greening of the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius to groups in Canada, the U.S., the Caribbean and Europe.










Margaret MacIntyre is the author of The Cosmic Pilgrim: An Exploration of the New Story of Science and Religion, 2010. Her life experience includes leading retreats, facilitating workshops and discussion groups, teaching adults and children, planning and delivering educational programs. Margaret has also had over ten years experience in church ministry. She has been a member of a religious congregation and raised a family.




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