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Rosalie Bertell


There is a current crisis in behaviour which, if continued, will bring the global community to its knees. Recovery will be difficult since both human health and the planet's life support system are being attacked. As new generations are born they must cope with the mistakes of past generations - depleted resources, polluted land, economic and environmental instability. Excessive greed dominates the global economy, promoting deprivation and resentment, which will eventually erupt in violence. Weaponry is potentially more destructive than ever before and targets not just people and buildings, but the very structure of the Earth itself.

On the bright side, there is a growing awareness of the problems and an important infrastructure for healing is slowly being built up, mostly through the actions of dedicated leaders in the global sector and hard-working volunteers in the community. Networking and coalition-building are the way ahead, with the Internet being one of the best tools for global organizing.

Excerpt from: Planet Earth - The Latest Weapon of War (2001), p.223


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